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School Site Council

The School Site Council is composed of the principal, parent representatives elected by parents, teacher representatives, and a classified staff member:

Barbara LaCorte  - Administration

Adrian Talley - Lower Grade Team Leader

Nancy Thurston - Upper Grade Team Leader

Lizabeth Gamberdella - Special Education Teacher

Cathy Conried - Classified Staff

Dan Greenfield (Yr. 1) - Parent

Tracy Johnson (Yr. 1) - Parent

Heather Lengyel (Yr. 3) - Parent

Richard van Seenus (Yr. 3) - Parent

Tricia Wintervbauer (Yr. 1) - Parent

The School Site Council is a major governing body at our school and meets regularly to address programs and components that make up the school,
to discuss the effectiveness and appropriateness of the various programs and components relative to the goals of the school,
and to act as communication liason between the community and the school.  

           The School Site Council generally meets on the second Tuesday of every month from 3:15 – 4:45 pm in the Hope School Library.  
All meetings are open to the public.  

The next meeting of the School Site Council will be on October 14, 2014.  

For a copy of the agenda, click here.


School Site Council Minutes


 For a copy of the 5/13/14 Minutes, click here

 For a copy of the 11/12/13 Minutes, click here.

For a copy of the 10/8/13 Minutes, click here.

For a copy of the 9/10/13 Minutes, click here.

For a copy of the 8/14/13 Minutes, click here.

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